Los Angeles Realtime Captioning Services: CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation):

  • Is a word for word, speech-to-text interpreting service for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, providing equal communication access for people with hearing loss
  • We offer highly skilled captionists transcribe spoken language into realtime captioning for deaf & hard of hearing students and adults
  • CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is instantly translated into readable English text and displayed for viewing
  • We produce complete electronic transcripts, available by email
  • Our captionists provide all necessary equipment (steno machine, software and laptop)
  • Also, our captionists arrive 15-20 minutes prior to assignment
  • SIGN LANGUAGE SERVICES, based in Los Angeles County, are also available to the general community
  • LEARN about more of our services below...

Caption Now: Realtime Captioning for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students and Adults:

  • Free demonstrations
  • A 2-hour minimum
  • Hand-selected captionists to meet the individual needs of client
  • All assignments are billed portal to portal. Fees may include travel time, mileage and parking
  • Captionists can work by themselves for up to 3 hours. When the assignment lasts longer, 2 captionists are required to “team” in order to switch off every 30 minutes
  • A cancellation policy of two business days or 48 hours for all requests
  • Rates quoted upon request. Charges for services are competitive. Rates will vary depending on the type of service required
  • Please CONTACT US for quotes and information
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